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We have Silver Liquid Mercury available for sale. Its purity is 99.999%. below is our specs, have a look and get back to us.
99.99% Pure Silver Liquid Mercury For Sale.
We have at hand for immediate supply-Pure Virgin Mercury 99.99% Purity which is the highest quality Mercury Metal in the world market today.We can supply virgin liquid mercury with purity 99.99% in stainless steel flasks of 34.5kg net.
1. Product Name: Silver Liquid Mercury
2. Other Name: Quick silver, Hydrargyrum, Hydrargyri3.
Cas No.:7439-97-64.EINECS:231-106-75.MF:Hg6.
Appearance: silver liquid
USES:-agricultural poisons,-anti-fouling paint,dental amalgams,-mining, electronics, and chemical synthesis. (to remove gold and other metals from ore),-thermometers,-baro
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