General principles

1. This Regulation lays down rules for the use of the site.

2. The user service advertisement, you agree to comply with these regulations.

3. The website is not liable for the content of advertisements and transactions between users. The notice comes from you, which alone determined its content. The content of advertisements must be consistent with the facts.

4. See reserves the right to remove / block ads for any reason.

5. Portal reserves the right to suspend / block / remove user account / announcements, which violates any of the provisions of these Regulations, in particular: spam, advertising competitive advertising services, slandering and insulting other people and using words generally considered vulgar, and whose actions are deemed harmful to the Portal

6. Internet browser with support for cookies. The website does not collect automatically any information, except information contained in cookies
II Rules for posting ads

1. Placing advertisements on the site is free (an optional extra paid “Featured” – the period of validity of one month on the home page and include a color advertisements in the period 1 per months in this category)

2. Create an account and registration are free.

3. Placing ads on the site does not require an account. A registered user can edit your ads.

4. An advertisement shall be in accordance with applicable legal and ethical standards.

5. You can post any number of ads.

6. It is forbidden to placing multiple ads for the same or similar content.

7. ads should be placed in divisions tailored to their contents.

8. In the case of placing more ads on the content indicating the same advertiser, the moderator will accept only one of the ads.

9. We reserve the right to edit or delete ads posted in other departments and categories than is apparent from the content of the announcement.

10. Advertisements should be of a duration and frequency of posting to the same ad did not appear once in the same category.

11. The website allows you to edit previously added ads, if you set up earlier account in the portal.

12. The Administrator reserves the right to remove ads without notifying the user.

13. The administration reserves the right not to publish or delete any announcement without giving any reason, and blocking the possibility of adding ads selected users.

14. The Administrator reserves the right to block or delete your account without notifying the user.

15. The user is obliged in particular to refrain from any acts violating the privacy of other users, in particular the collection, processing and dissemination of information about other users without their explicit consent.

16. It is forbidden to take any action that could cause damage, in particular damage to the Administrator, other users or third parties.

17. It is prohibited to place on the Service any material that violates existing law, Terms and Conditions, decency, morals or principles of fair competition, materials vulgar, slanderous dignity, defamatory or infringing personal rights of others, supporting radical social attitudes or preaching similar views (all kinds of discrimination racial, ethnic, gender, religion, etc.), substantively false or misleading,

18. It is forbidden to sexually explicit material in any form,

19. It is forbidden to impersonate other users, or suggest the administration’s false identity.

20. It is forbidden to place ads, which:
– The content urges the recipient to use / buy / marketing items / services prohibited by law;
– The content of advertisements offering work as: model / dancer / sta containing only e-mail;
– The content offends comments services, companies, individuals;
– The content violates the rules of aesthetics and good taste (also applies to names used e-mail addresses, web and images attached to advertisements);

21. User placing ad takes full responsibility for the content of ads, photographs content and the content of websites whose links can be found in the announcement

III Final Provisions

1. The user registering on the site agrees to use information provided during registration to the needs of the service and its partners, including receiving messages and newsletters to your registered e-mail address.

2. The Service reserves the right to modify these terms without notice.

3. Regulations shall be applicable from the date of publication on the website below. Users always applies the latest version of the regulations.

4. assumes no responsibility for computer system crashes and does not return, therefore any incurred by Members of costs related to the malfunction advertisement portal.

5. reserves the right to irreversibly block a user account notices, in the case of multiple violations of these regulations.