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: Poland, Ostroleka
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We are a Polish company producing bags with round bottom made of polyethylene for the industry of chemical , construction, automotive, comestible etc.
This product is used in the packaging of articles such as glues, silicones, solvents, paints, lubricant, food preparations, loose materials like powders and granules etc.
The product is friendly for the environment, it can be recycled. We can make a bags from original materials as well as from re-granulate.
They are professionally contoured, do not have any crease and a pocket on the bottom.
Ideally match to the size and shape of containers. They are solid and leakproof also for liquids.
Bags are disposable and easily replaceable.
Thanks to them we do not have to spend money for the next barrel or bucket – they efficiently protect against dirt. So, we can use a containers many times and avoid the high costs of cleaning.
Thanks to the bags, the containers are not damaged and they are clean.
The basic sizes of bags are 200 liters and 20 liters of different thickness of foil.
We are flexible and adapts to customer's need. We are able to produce any size and thickness for individual customer’s need.

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